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If you are planning to submit your work to Cow Eye Press for consideration it is most likely due to the recent attention given to our first release, Cow Country. In all honesty, the modest commercial success of this novel was a total fluke and in no way attributable to our professionalism and/or expertise in the area of promoting new works of literature to an indifferent reading public. We are certainly not experts in publishing, nor would we ever want to be. That said, we do love meaningful expressions of literature, respect the efforts of any independent author who has the courage to advocate for his/her work amid such a hostile publishing climate, and MAY be able to exploit our unexpected incursion onto the literary scene to help your work find its audience.

Please also keep in mind that Cow Eye Press is a very small publisher whose plans are to publish no more than ONE BOOK PER QUARTER. If you are seeking a large traditional publisher – with the numerous advantages that this brings – you will likely want to look elsewhere. Our modest publishing plans, coupled with the huge influx of submissions we've begun to receive, also means that we will, in all likelihood, become yet another boot upon your soul as you search for a home for your work. Please accept our sincere apologies for that in advance.

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CONTACT: Natalie Zeldner, Editor, Cow Eye Press

ABOUT COW EYE PRESS: Cow Eye Press is a new publishing house specializing in literary fiction with an intercultural focus. Its readers enjoy works that challenge the mind and enrich the soul by exploring the boundaries of culture and society. For more information, visit the Cow Eye Press website at