The difference between here and there

"To master a language you must understand the people that created it, the culture that provoked it.
To understand a people and its culture you must master the language that shapes them both."

- From Twelve Stories of Russia: A novel, I guess

About Twelve Stories of Russia: A novel, I guess

When an eager American moves to Moscow to teach Russians the difference between the and a, he begins what will ultimately become a six-and-a-half-year descent into the murky entrails of language, culture, and the world's greatest metro system. Part surrealistic travelogue, part historical serendipity, Twelve Stories is at its most enduring as a fanciful rumination on the elusiveness of words.

Twelve Stories of Russia was originally published in Moscow by the independent publisher GLAS, where it quietly gained a following among expats and locals alike. Unique in its appeal to both sides of the linguistic and cultural divide, the work has remained largely unknown beyond Russia. Now, almost a generation after its narrator's lively quest for the word that changes and is changed, this emphatic "novel, I guess" is being released to a wider audience for the first time, its subject matter as universal and its themes as timely as ever.

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Materials for Translators

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